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Mattes MELP works more effectively than a normal ‘Wool’ wash as it feeds the Sheepskin as well.

For many years of pleasure from your sheepskin products

Our special detergent is hard on dirt but gentle on the environment: It is a biodegradable and highly concentrated blend of selected detergents and natural oils. Ensure that you always wash your MATTES products with our MELP detergent rather than conventional products.

Cares, protects and replenishes the natural oils in your lambskin and leather

MELP contains a range of very special ingredients that we also use in the production of our lambskins. The detergent replenishes the natural oils and ensures that both the wool and the leather retain their full elasticity and functionality – even after many washes. The special detergent is also excellent for cleaning our washable leather products and for washing other washable leather products in general, as well as breeches and jodhpurs.

MATTES® Sheepskin items should be washed frequently. Correct care and washing (see How to Care for your Mattes) is very important and will provide you with many more years of enjoyment from your product

Our thanks for Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the Professional photos!

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MELP 250ml, Melp 500ml


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