Mears 20″ Tweed Unisex

From  $1.00 - $2.00 Daily Hire Charge

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Day based pricing : Mears 20″
Friday - $2.00
Saturday - $2.00
Sunday - $2.00
Monday - $1.00
Tuesday - $1.00
Wednesday - $1.00
Thursday - $1.00
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  • Ag Show Quality :
  • Tweed :
  • Single Vent
  • Unisex Buttoning


Still in Testing!

Have you got a kid that is growing faster than the weeds?  Or do you only have a limited show circuit/run each year? Or a limited interest kid?

Why pay hundreds for a jacket you then have to sell on or sits in the wardrobe as the child has lost interest?

Hire!  From $1 a day.

We have Ag Show quality and Royal Show quality – all our jackets are made by equestrian tailors and most come from the UK – the home of well made jackets.  Our Brands include: Mears, Pretty Ponies, Showing Selection, Winning Ways and Alexander James.

We provide measurements as well (because there is variation across the brands)

All our jackets are drycleaned before sending out.  We send out via Express Post.

Please note: There is a fixed drycleaning charge and Express Post (but you would be paying that to buy a jacket)

This Jacket

This is a tiny 20 Mears Tweed, It is single vent but has unisex buttons (so can be worn male way or female way)


We are limited by Express Post and AusPost capabilities – we only charge $1 a day in weekdays (ex Friday) so order with an early date to avoid stress.

Please return the jacket when you promise to!! Not only do we have to get the jacket drycleaned but you could be impacted the next hire and causing them un-necessary stress!  I build in a time period between each hire but this is compromised if  you are late returning the jacket (and you may cop a late fee and go on the anti-hire list)