Build a Mattes Special Long Girth

IN TESTING - if any issues occur please notify me at checkout and I'll correct before sending invoice.


These girths were developed in co-operation with riders to accommodate horses with very narrow-standing front legs, small and/or short backed horses with rounded bodies.

The girths are featured with stabilising loops at the girth ends and spring loaded stainless steel buckles. With their slightly curved shape, they fit themselves to the built of these horses. Thus preventing the girths  to shirft too much forward into the movement area of the elbow.  Because of the short distance between the front legs the girths  have not got a wider centrepiece.


I tend to head this way with our smaller keg shaped ponies (Shetlands and Welsh) as the centrepiece is large.  We have been using them since 2017 and are slowly moving the kids girths over to Mattes (trying not to fall for their demands for 'pretty colours')

Of course, different strokes suit different folks, but for value for money these are a good option over the Crescent.

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