Mattes Boots

Mattes Boots

HI-PRO boots in fleece or Professional Boots with hard shells and lambskin linings

Our top quality boots offer protection for your horse’s sensitive legs, tendons and bones. Professional and HI-PRO boots from Mattes come with leather impact protection.

HI-PRO boots have POLY-FLEX padding beneath the leather impact protection.

Professional boots have removable lambskin linings. The padding in the hard shells is designed so that air can circulate freely. Professional boots fit securely around the leg, so there are no pressure points as with many other boots and no pinching as with bandaging.

Both boots are designed to prevent overheating.


HI-PRO Boots

Mattes RRP EUR75 set of 2 or EUR150 set of 4

Mattes have substantially improved our Standard fleece boots in co-operation with Klaus Balkenhol resulting in our HI-PRO (HIgh-PROtection) boot.

The boots are made from EHQ-fleece especially produced for Mattes in Europe.

  • They have a padded leather patch.
  • The POLY-FLEX® impact protection is placed only where needed.
  • An elastic, full length, Lycra based (no material fatigue) strip is used to fit the boot snug to the leg.
  • Also a heavy duty YKK zip covered by a fleece flap prevents zip from opening accidentally.

Elegant, slimline and completely secure with a combination of fleece, leather and POLY-FLEX®. Our High Protection boots far exceed bandages in terms of their protective effect. They also cause less pinching and fewer pressure points. They are fitted with zips, so they can be fitted and removed quickly and easily. Available in a wide range of colours to suit all MATTES products.

Available in pairs or sets of four.

The boot can be fitted within 20 seconds and can be removed in 5-10 seconds.  Machine washable at 30 C.

Professional Dressage Boots with Sheepskin

Mattes RRP EUR179 set of 2; or EUR358 set of 4

These boots were developed in close coopertion with Klaus Balkenhol specifically for dressage work

  • The boots feature a Hard Shell made from highly resistant ABS plastic (only on the inside) covered with Butt leather
  • The Hard Shells are designed not to touch the fetlock joint. The lower edges of the shell are wide enough not to touch the fetlock.
  • The outside area of the fetlock joint is left completely open.
  • The boots come with a detachable sheepskin lining, this avoids any pressure points and friction, it also absorbs sweat.
  • The edges of the boots must not overlap when closing.

Our design ensures completely free movement of the joint. There is no need for protection at the outside of the joint in dressage, therefore it is best to have nothing there. On the inside the Hard Shell is absouletuly essential.

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