AW2022 Mattes Pale

Add Pizazz to your Dressage – Mattes Pale colours

The Rules and Mattes Pale

*The latest EA Dressage rules specify that White saddle pads are preferred but pale colours permitted (1 July 2022)

Screenshot from EA Dressage Rules 1st July 2022

So we got to thinking…..

Which colours do we class as *pale….. And how can you be Style in the Saddle?

From the Special Collection (AW2022) – Mattes Pale would be…..

AW2022 Mattes Pale
Mattes Special Collection Colours 2022

What about the Regular Range colours?

Quilt Colours – Mattes Pale

Dressage Quilt Colours

Velvet Colours – Mattes Pale

Dressage Velvet Colours

What is a Possibly?

A possibly is one we are sitting on the fence about. The Binding and Piping can make a huge difference to how a pad looks. And you will spot that Cornet Blue – on both charts – is a yes on one but a possibly on the other.

See how Misty Rose can change according to binding?

What about Pony Club and HRCAV?

They have no restrictions on colour but you should check with your club about their own competition rules and guidelines – especially if representing a club.

A Note about Logos

Watch this – techically you can’t flash more than one Logo around – But you can put you number over for the comp…..

Our Advice

Use your discretion – tone in with your horse (we can help here) and if you are worried, take your white one along to the competition incase you hit a pedantic gear inspector. Don’t get into an argument – most gear inspectors are volunteers. But most importantly! Have Fun!! Our Business Name is POSH People on Stylish Horses and our motto is “Style in the Saddle”

* We complied this to the best of our abilities and according to the EA Dressage 1st July 2022 rules, we hold no responsibility for your interpretation of this blog and recommend you always refer to the current rules and use your discretion.

Our Thanks to Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the professional images

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