Blush Pink

Focus on Colour – Mattes Blush Pink (73)

One of the newer colours in the Mattes Range is Blush Pink.

Having ordered some amazing combinations for this we decided to do a blurb about it. So get your fairy wings on and immerse yourself in Blush Pink.

The Details:

  • available in both Quilt and Quilt Sheen
  • Is one of the colours we class as Dressage Friendly!
  • Has a corresponding pale pink sheepskin called Rose Pink
  • Co-ordinates fabulously with other pastel colours
  • Matching Bandages
  • A combination already in our Ready to Order Range!

Do not forget that we are happy to send through combinations from our samplers; also the mockup from the official Mattes Configurator (you can even choose your colour horse to show it on!)

Once again we thank Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the professional photos used in this information post.

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