Ascot Make to Measure Bridle


Leather Colour
Choose your colour first!
Browband Needed?
Do you need a browband?
Choose Browband Length
Choose from 13" - 17" - measure from end to end
Cheekpiece Length
Choose the length that measures to around the horses eye
These measurements are point to point. For Crown Split to Split and total length incl throatlash see below chart
Measurement is circumference about nose. See below for photos.

Ascot by Dever offers an extensive range of Bridlework to meet the needs of the modern Equestrian. Ascot by Dever is produced from quality leather by experienced craftsmen and offers today’s rider exceptional value for money.

Whilst not UK leather – it is top quality leather.

Mix and match your components to get a customised bridle the best size and fit for your horse.

Don’t need a browband?  Don’t pay for one!

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