Popular Mattes Colour Combinations and How to Choose

Are colour combinations blowing your mind?

Too worried that you will order the wrong thing? Our Ready to Order range may help you out. Take the leg work out of Saddle Pad design.

We have made up some of the popular colour combinations so you just need to select the basics of size and shape! Then sit back and wait for the pad to arrive.

We also have a full sample range and can easily make suggestions or send through photos of different combinations.

Also, we send through a combination mock up from the Mattes Configurator of your choice once you have submitted an order before payment is required to ensure you are happy with your selection.

We will shortly have the samplers available to send out so you can mix and match your combinations in real life! Check out what fabrics look like and match bindings and piping.

Our Thanks for Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the professional images

Edits to Post:

  • Updated 26 March 2024
  • Originally Posted: 31 October 2021

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