Fundraise Meme

How to Fundraise – Easier than your average Sausage Sizzle

Has your club got a uniform? Want to Fundraise easily?

Fundraise from your sofa? The easiest way your club can make money! How about uniform Saddle pads that support your club?

Get Mattes Club Saddle Pads! With a multitude of colour choices your club will receive a cashback every time a saddle pad is ordered…

How does it work?

Get your club to register your colours with us. (we will have a form for that) Everytime a saddle pad is ordered and delivered we will send through the cashback amount.

Our saddle pads start at $84 – you can add to it from there, sheepskin and other fluffy bits… Snazzy piping. – name or dressage number embroidered on? All good!

  • We recommend clubs lodge a standard plain pad with binding as standard club colours then allow opportunities to glam it up as to riders individual preferences.
  • We will forward an email when an order comes through so the club can keep track of whats been ordered.
  • We generally will remit cashback once a month.

How about an example…..

Our Pony Club colours are Purple and White. So our standard club saddle pad would be Violet with White Binding (Dressage colours might be White with Violet Binding)

We added a piping of White and Aubergine to the saddle pad to snazz it up. (excuse the condition – but it is 4 years old and used every ride)

If you want to have a play with the colour combinations click here! We do have samples on hand and there is an option to get a sampler made up.

What do I do now?

Contact us here for the Club form…

What if my club isn’t interested?

Who wouldn’t be? But if your club is cautious and think they are committing to only buying saddle pads through us that is not the case! They don’t need to order heaps to collect dust – they just register the colours and you order from your couch. State your case (this is not a lock in contract) and maybe they will let the cashback go towards your next years subs?

Fundraise Meme

Our thanks to Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the Professional Photos and Kyle Shetland for the unprofessional ones

Updated 17 October 2022

First Published 3 September 2021

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