Saddle Pad Embroidery

Add Convenience with Mattes Embroidery

Embroidery from Dressage Numbers to Names

We can add Dressage numbers or your kids name (or horse name!) by embroidery at the Factory when your Mattes Saddle Pad is created.

Saddle Pad Embroidery
Saddle Pad Embroidery
Mattes Symbol is Free!!

We can arrange your embroidery! Below is the standard pricing to add on one or both sides of the Saddle Pad.

One SideBoth Sides
Fixed Embriodery Charge
(then add 70 cents per character)
1 letter/number (Free for one number, one side) $10$20.70
2 letters/numbers$10.70$22.10
3 letters/numbers$11.40$23.50
4 letters/numbers $12.10$24.90
5 letters/numbers $12.80$26.30
6 letters/numbers $13.50$27.70
7 letters/numbers $14.20$29.10
8 letters/numbers $14.90$30.50
9 letters/numbers $15.60$31.90

Font Selection

There are 5 Fonts to choose from – we can send you a proof of what you want in the font you want to confirm selection and a heap of colours!


At checkout ask for a Mattes Mockup and we will send through the saddle pad mockup with your words/numbers for your approval.

We will try to add the full functionality to the website – it is on the list – feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

Updated/Edited on 27 September 2022

First Published on 5 October 2021

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