Website Status, How my brain works and Best Value Mattes

Its sad that I have to do a page on what’s going wrong! But your satisfaction means a lot to us!

Issues and Workarounds

Website Speed

To solve the issue of website pages not loading correctly we moved to one of the top hosting companies – both to ensure security but also to cope with the huge increase in traffic. We are still experiencing Speed issues on mobile phones but I have the technogeeks onto it! They promised to sort in next week!


The issues we have had with this is a known issue (2.4 rating out of 5) for a lot of businesses. Why PayPal accept this is unknown but we are working to establish a work around. We have installed a new PayPal system and that appears to be working

Order Approval

This has now been switched off on the Website. But if you wish to see a Mattes Official Mockup and expected delivery date then click I’d like a preview and expected delivery date. Remember Payment is not required until you are happy with the order and delivery date.

Website Meme


October is normally the price rise notification! But they normally do not take effect until February. I’ll notify as soon as I know the impact the price rises will have so you can order before the price changes.

Also, Do not forget that we offer Members Mattes price matching so if you believe a discount code is a better deal than we offer let us know!

Mattes Order Turnaround

How are we doing? Normally we have been on track to deliver around the expected delivery date. Unfortunately we had a couple of orders that ruined our good run. This was caused by extra quarantine requirements at the border (certain shipments only – others were fine). As per our policy – Any arrival vastly different from what was stated at order time got free goodies from us (In this case MELP bigger bottle to the sample one)

At the moment all our July orders have been despatched to customers and we have shipment notification on the first August one.

Contacting Us

We believe that communication is all important. We are currently streamlining our processes so that Facebook messages and emails are all gathered at the same place. A message to is logged on our system and is kept in one place so we aren’t continously accessing several different systems and potentially missing someone out.

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