Mattes Price Increases – How did I miss that?

So in the technological world of SPAM – I missed the email on Mattes price increases….

As everything price changes become a reality…

Girth Prices

But the worse news is that after all my work, Mattes have released a universal price for girths rather than by length.. Well, you can’t say I didn’t try to get everything right…..

The website now shows the new girth pricing (including the price increases!)

Girth TypePriceSlimline
Short (Dressage)$201$231
Replacement Sheepskin$119$137
Special Short$185$215
Replacement Sheepskin$109$127
Long (Short Girth Straps)$230$260
Replacement Sheepskin$137$155
Special Long$201$231
Replacement Sheepskin$119$137
New GIrth Pricing

Saddle Pad Prices

Yes, unfortunately Saddle Pads have been affected as well…

At this stage I can cover the 6-8% increase but in the future I may have to increase prices. The biggest changes are in Correction System, Piping and Sheepskin.


This is increasing in price as well.

Is there good news?

Yes, there is some good news….

The Western Range that I was about to add has been simplified price wise as well!!!

Girths are the same pricing as the Short (Dressage) and Saddle Pads pricing is simpler as well.

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