Sneak Peek and Why Not? Making Mattes Ordering Better

The past week or so I’m been rebuilding the Mattes Build a Mattes (BAM) page.

Whilst it is still in testing – here is a sneak peek at what it will offer….

[Apologies for those that have found the old page cumbersome in the past few days, as I’ve stripped some of the functionality for the new page]

  1. PDF Preview Rather than an unfriendly list of what you have chosen you get a pdf with all your requirements on it. Not only that – you can sleep on it and choose. These are available at the end of the selection tool but before checkout!

2. Selector Layout We have changed this as well to improve useability. No more drop down lists with scores of options. Just click and move on…..

3. True representations of the colours. Our photos are actual representations of the piping, binding, fleece etc. Not a computer interpretation of the colour. *Note: obviously confined to your screen colouring

4. Why Don’t We? We can build in a tool that shows how things would look to the best of the computers ability but we do already send through -with the invoice- the official Mattes Configurator image.

Official Mattes Configurator.

Also happy to send through photos of the material samples combined with pipings and binding.

Colour combinations sent to mobile phone

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