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Mattes Pricing Confirmed for the Rest of Year

Following End of Financial Year Accounts finalisation we have taken a look at the numbers and have been able to keep our Mattes 2021 pricing with just a few changes!

None of our Everyday Low Prices have changed more than $15!  Some of them have even gone down! Despite still paying high freight prices for freight from Europe due to the Ukraine War.

  • Our saddle pads start at $84
  • Half Pads from $60
  • Piping $10 per row ($20 for Rugs and Exercise Sheets)
  • Top Sheepskin Front and Back is $35
  • Underneath Panel Sheepskin is $115
  • GIrths start at $185
  • Anatomic, Crescent, Asymmetric and Athletico start at $201 with Slimline (Leather) an extra $30

Members get an extra Special Monthly deal ranging from Half Price girth covers to Free MELP with order.

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