Order Deadlines – Boxing Day Sale Ideas? Its a Win!

Waiting to spend all the cash you will get over Xmas on a Boxing Day flash Mattes Saddle Pad? But want it straight away?

How about ordering now – paying 50% and paying the rest with all that money Santa brings?

While you are at it – don’t forget to join our club and go into the draw to win a pair of Mattes Fleece HI-PRO Boots (entries close at the end of the month)

Don’t forget about our price match challenge – Find it cheaper elsewhere and we will try and match the deal (We even look at Specials!)
Mattes HI-PRO Boots
Mattes HI-PRO Boots

Chester Jefferies Update

Today is the last chance for orders! These take 3-4 weeks unless we have instock. Do not be disappointed for the first shows of the season.

I’m using the Spring Riger Fingerless and love them! I can set my phone app riding tracker easily without having to remove the gloves as well as adjusting buckles!

Mattes Update

All orders from the start of the month for Pre-Xmas delivery are locked and loaded. It took a wee bit longer this time as I had to get creative over the freight charges ex the factory.

Our next order deadline is the 1st November. Whilst they can’t guarantee pre-Xmas delivery they are still advising 8 weeks – that is 25th December by my calculations – so early January looks the go.

A few people have pointed out that there is no option to get Mattes Logo embroidery on the order page. I will fix this in the coming days but it is available for FREE!!!

Boxing Day Purchases

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