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Where did the time go? Its Crazy

Firstly, an apology – I just realised that it has been a crazy 2 weeks since I last posted!

I really intend to get the bridle fitting series finished. But as horse people know – those horses have the best sense of timing for injuring themselves. This time I blame the fat black and white shetland. But I have to blame myself for not having the required 100 cohesive bandages on hand and having to drive 100km return trip to out fit my first aid kit…

Order deadlines coming up.

Chester Jefferies – order will go in by the end of this week. Shows are hopefully just around the corner so do not get caught out!

Mattes – the next order will go in on the 1st November for a 8 week delivery schedule. Remember that you only need to pay 50% deposit to secure your spot. Our Account Manager can not promise Pre-Xmas delivery on this order but it should not be long afterwards.

Our last order has gone through the processes and is awaiting manufacture now. If you need/want to keep up with the happenings I try to post everything here….

Freight and Supply Chain Issues

We have all heard about the ship that got stuck in the Suez canal but the worldwide freight and supply chain is undergoing a stressful time. Less Ships, Less access to Ports, Containers in the wrong place and workforce that have been COVId affected. I know – don’t start me on Supply Chain it was my speciality in a former life but like watching paint dry to everyone else.

The edited rant is….

Things are taking longer and costing a lot more to move around the world

  • For me to get a saddle from UK manufacturers is costing 200% more than pre-Covid.
  • Mattes have doubled their manufacturing time and there are less freight planes coming into Australia.
  • Australia Post is having an insane time with freight as we are all online shopping

Work in Progress

Other than finishing the Bridle Series – there are a few things on the radar for the website. New products etc – but do not expect anything prior to December. Unless we go into lockdown again or my ponies grow a brain and stop injuring themselves…

Crazy Meme
Crazy Meme

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