Cheekpieces holding up Browband

Lets Talk about Bridles and How to Fit them

You got all the standard bridle stuff – you have been using them for decades right? But how do you get that extra special look usually exclusive to made to measure $600+ bridles for a fraction of the price?

Cheekpieces holding up Browband
Cheekpieces holding up Browband

Can you spot the wrong in this picture (beyond – It’s Orange, and there is no noseband)

Cheekpiece length edited

The cheekpiece buckle should be in line with the eye – not holding up the browband (we’ll cover the browband on another post)

As you can see – this cheekpiece is way too long. This is really common in off the peg bridles – even the pricier ones! Especially if you have a small pony….

We are here to help though!

No one disputes that the leather on the $600 bridle is to die for… But I get a bit nervous about my kids and their sense of responsibility for them. After a lot of looking I found the Dever Bridles. Dever is a UK company founded by horse riders and they offer 2 levels for bridle.

The Classic Bridle range is UK Leather.

The Ascot range is cheaper leather – Generally German leather.

But they are all made to ‘realistic’ head measurements and we offer a mix and match service to further improve fit.

How can I take measurements?

This is fairly easy. Take a picture like the above one and I’ll show you how to measure to find the correct cheekpiece length for you.

To be continued

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