Correctly fitted bridle

Lets Get the Cheekpieces Right!

Correctly fitted bridle
Correctly fitted bridle

Remember this bridle? With the way too long cheekpiece. This is really common in off the peg bridles – even the pricier ones! Especially if you have a small pony….

Cheekpiece length edited

So we delve into our stash of cheekpieces to find the correct length…..

Compare Cheekpiece length

Remember the blue line which was level with the bottom hole? So the cheekpiece on the right is the best length.

Remember though…..

The Bit Ring size as also all important and must be taken into account…. (no one likes ugly bit rings right?)

Bit RIng Size Comparison

We are here to help

No one disputes that the leather on the $600 bridle is to die for… But I get a bit nervous about my kids and their sense of responsibility for them. After a lot of looking I found the Dever Bridles. Dever is a UK company founded by horse riders and they offer 2 levels for bridle.

The Classic Bridle range is UK Leather.

The Ascot range is cheaper leather – Generally German leather.

But they are all made to ‘realistic’ head measurements and we offer a mix and match service to further improve fit.

How can I take measurements?

This is fairly easy. Take a picture like the above one and I’ll show you how to measure to find the correct cheekpiece length for you.

To be continued

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