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Dever UK Bridlewear and Why it Satisfies a Bridle Snob

First up – I’m a complete Bridle Snob! I confess, it has to look good. I hate crappy looking bridles and totally think that a bridle can make or break a horse or pony head. (I’m so bad that I now get the synthetic bridles made to measure).

Unfortunately I have kids…. Ok – that isn’t bad but their dedication to bridle care is less than my standards and they are known to do slightly stupid stuff like tie up with the reins… (or one kid clipped the leadrope to the stirrup iron at pony club and wandered off for lunch – I kid you not!)

Hence – my issue was finding a good looking bridle for shows that satisfies my bridle OCD but still means I can cope with my kids ruggard attitude…

Dever in the UK fit this criteria. They have cheekpieces that start at 6″ – If you have been following my Bridle Blog on fitting bridles this is my first up post).

Dever offer two different ranges.

Classic Brand: Made from quality English Sedgwicks leather.  99% of this brand is hand made in the UK from our manufacturer in the West Midlands. Traditional patterns are used.

Ascot: This is our imported brand made from high quality continental leather. Although less expensive than the Classic brand attention to detail & sizing are identical. We introduced this brand as a more affordable option for everyday use.

Ascot Comfort Head Plain Bridle

As well as the ‘off the peg’ range we can mix and match for a more custom fitted design.

We can source all of the Dever Range. Please contact us for a quote.

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