How Order Closing Dates Provide a Better Shopping Experience

You might have noticed that we have closing dates for orders – specifically Mattes and Chester Jefferies. We have a few reasons for this…

  • Firstly, So you – the customer – know when your order as been placed with the manufacturer and therefore have a clear delivery window date.
    • Some of our manufacturers have a MOQ (minimum order Quantity) which means we can’t place orders until we have that much to order. So we look at our ordering pattern and set order dates so you have certainty around your order arrival date. You know exactly when your order will be sent to the manufacturer and approximate delivery date at ordering. No wondering whats happening.
  • Secondly, If the Manufacturer is running a promo we need to ensure we get orders into them in time.
    • Like the Mattes Seasonal promotions.

I come from an background of supply chain logistics so I know the ins and outs of importing products. With most suppliers I arrange shipment/collection myself – so I have complete control over what is happening. I also have access to cheap freight rates and can pass cheaper freight rates/savings on to you.

As a horse person I’m continually looking for ways to save money and pass these savings on. I don’t offer huge discount codes as we try to keep our everyday prices low.

Dont forget that we also offer Price Match Challenge for our Members.

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