Ordering 101: How our Ordering works….

Ordering from Us

A Bit about Our Business

We run a home based business that steps out into the world of Trade Stands with a mobile shop trailer. Whilst we do carry stock our business model is to provide top quality, proven equine products at low everyday prices. But there is a catch….

The Catch…..

We only carry limited stock so you get the best deal by being prepared and ordering in advance. Also you do not need to fiddle around with Discount Codes and wait for your dream creation.


Here is a brief outline of how everything works…


All products need a 50% deposit to secure. We do not ask for full payment up front so you are not ‘out of pocket’ for the full amount while waiting for your products to arrive. The only exception to this is our Ready to Ship range or the Stocked items like Mattes MELP.


When you get to Checkout we encourage you to click on “I’d like a preview and expected delivery date” why?

  • No Payment is required until you are satisfied with what you have ordered and the timeframe expected
  • This also alerts us to check the order (great with things like embroidery to ensure all is correct) Especially if you are having issues with points redemption or the website not working quite as you want.

Once all is good then you can send through a deposit (Bank transfer or Credit Card)

Order to Supplier

Once your order has been placed with the supplier we let you know! This is another checkpoint for delivery date as they will supply a time line for supply. For Mattes this is the production cycle time or for Thelwell and Shires Products it is the product locked and packed for despatch.

Ready for Shipment

Once your products are ready for shipment the Supplier sends us notification. We then pre-warn you that its on its way!

This allows you to account for the remaining payment – but this isn’t needed until the products arrive at our place. We are currently having Entry Quarantine issues with DHL Express and Australia Border Control. We are working to expedite this but feel you should not have to pay for this delay. We try to Express Courier all our orders from overseas and ship on a Friday for Sunday Melbourne arrival.

Clearing Border Control

Again – once a shipment is out for delivery to us we will advise you. This normally takes 48-72 hours but sometimes – especially with COVid staff shortages – as taken longer.


When the order arrives we try to unpack and despatch as soon as possible. We will send an invoice for the remaining amount.

Sending to you!

Generally done via Australia Post unless it is bulky and we may courier.


This does happen – the World is round etc…. So far we have been able to deliver within a week of the date given at ordering except for 2 occasions. On these occasions we have included a present to thank you for your patience, things like MELP bottle bigger than the sample. We do not like things going wrong but sometimes it does happen. We welcome any questions or enquiries about your order.

Why isn’t it sent immediately from Overseas?

Most manufacturers have production cycles. They do not receive an order then make that one product. They will add that order to their Production Cycle and for efficiency make a products in groups – ie: cutting one day/week then on to sewing… Some manufacturers have MOQ (minimum order quantity) which means they are not getting orders for one product at a time. We have to consolidate the orders before the Manufacturers will accept the order.

Ordering Meme

  • Updated: 7 February 2024
  • First Published: 7 November 2022

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