FY2023-24 Onwards and Upwards! The next challenge

August 2023

Having said good bye to FY2022- 23 – which presented issues from COVid to weather variables we look to the new Financial year! (Do not forget to do your Tax Refund)

Challenges on my Life Side

As some of you know – I’m training racehorses now so things will be a bit different at times for me. This means my life can be a bit erratic. I have updated software to further streamline the order process and make things run smoother.

Cyber Security Challenges

As well as the software updates the World has also been hit with huge Cyber attack challenges. These are now becoming a regular announcement on the News. Your data is important to us so we took down the website in June to instigate all the software security updates flowing through from our suppliers. Some of the updated measures include:

  • Our email was previously flowing through Google – this has been upgraded to a far more secure server to improve deliverability and less chance of hacking
  • We have moved the Accounting Software to one of the Global giants. This is a 2 edged sword as by moving we are now under a mega giant in security that can not afford to lose data but also a giant that is a big neon sign for hackers.
  • We moved the website to one of the best in the world. This means – unfortunately – that our closest server is in Singapore but again I feel better having top of the line technogeeks keeping an eye out for hackers.
  • We are regularly on the lookout for increased Cyber Security measures.

New Products


We continue to update the website with new products and offerings from Mattes. Recently added is Girth Insurance to help make the choice of girth easier and less risk.


We are rapt to be able to offer Thelwell products. Everybody knows Thelwell and the cheeky Shetland ponies.


Want a Styley riding hat but hesitant to buy an uber $$$ expensive without knowing fit? Karben from Shires are offering a great range of riding hats that have the dial sizing adjustment and removable head liner for prices from a sturdy $150. As with the Mattes range – we do not hold stock to ensure we have the freshest stock. Once the order is placed we will check with Head Office and give you an estimated delivery date (UK shipments take 2 days via Express Courier and we like to consolidate shipments every couple of weeks.

More hats to be added soon! (including the wide brim ones)

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