Mattes Girth Insurance – Available to Purchase

Unsure which shape to order and hate risking the $$$’s? – Buy Girth Insurance!

Previously we ran a Girth Hire Scheme with Mattes Girth but it received limited support so was cancelled. Maybe it was too complicated so we have devised a scheme to make trying Mattes girths not complicated and relatively hassle-free. (no onselling girths that your horse decides if does not like)

There is a $50 Girth Insurance cost that is purchased when you order the girth. If – when it arrives – after 2 weeks it isn’t working you can return it.

For those seeing the opportunity to grab some barely used girths – any that are returned will be onsold at a discounted ‘used’ rate.

These changes are added to the website as I type so are fully functional for the next Mattes Order placement.

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