Mattes Sheepskin Panel Options and SPINEFREE®

Sheepskin Panel

With the Mattes Sheepskin Underneath Panel we offer several options.

  • Semi-Lined Our recommendation for most saddle pads. Sheepskin under the Saddle Panel area only.
  • Sickle shape offers fur in the shoulder area in addition to the saddle seat area.
  • Fully Lined The underside is completely equipped with our premium lambskin on the entire saddle pads. Wool height approx. 30mm.
  • Special is equipped with our premium lambskin on the entire underside of the saddle pads. In the saddle seat area in the standard wool height (approx. 30mm) and the remaining surface is equipped with a shortened wool height of approx. 18mm.


Currently all our Pads come as default SPINEFREE. We have added No spine free and EWWA to our selection process!

A short explanation of each selection (with Pictures)

SpineFree (registered trademark) prevents any pressure on the wither area and along the spine.


Reliably prevents pressure load

Our SPINEFREE® version reliably prevents any pressure load in the area of the withers and spinous processes. In this case, the lambskin is cut out in the spinal canal and offers more space. The saddle pad can thus be easily chambered. Ideal in combination with our SADDLE-FIX® system.

With our EWWA SpineFree, the lambskin is cut deeper in the withers area. This is only needed for horses with particularly high withers. In most cases, our regular SpineFree will suffice. If you are unsure, it is best to ask your saddler.

There is a possibility of dye bleeding into the horses hair or other materials from dark or bright colored skin, because of the horses-sweat or use of unsuitable washing detergent.
Strong dyed leather of saddles etc. can also leave discolorations.

Our Thanks for Mattes and Thomas Hartig for the professional images

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